Kohlapuri Chappal Incident by S. Edwards

Sarah Edwards is a struggling writer deeply involved in experimentation with the English language and literature. Her work is forthcoming in Electric Cereal and Reality Hands.

Kohlapuri Chappal Incident

This is about the time when my mother sent me to buy Kohlapuri chappals[1] for her but it is not about the time that made it possible for me to sit on this couch and everything else that happened in between of me walking and not. Continue reading


Feature: The work of Sarah Eisenlohr


In the Feature Series, we hand-select material from past In Parentheses Literary Magazine publications and highlight them on our blog for a new audience. Submit work to In Parentheses here.

Sarah Eisenlohr is a collage artist based in Montana, USA and is currently a graphic design student and recent graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Continue reading

Michael Brown Rally

Why Modern American Racism Will Exist for Another Few Hundred Years by M. Pitter

The murder of Michael Brown and the police intimidation and brutality that followed has pulled today’s mainstream discourse back into ascertaining how this country’s race problems could be resolved. Resolution of this historically American issue implies a sort of eradication of racism from American society. But how could this be achieved? Modern racism (as we know it today where people of African descent are often the victims) is not some pile of excrement that could be shoveled away and replaced with fragrance. It is in our language, in our culture, in our education, in our instincts. It is an important component of this country’s origins. Continue reading


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