White sands…by G. Mramor

Would that the color change When you appear So that I might not ape your presence But become your absence. The light in every quadrant divided Another face fading From the girth of sun Gone now And tomorrow return. But on this day I shall not see your face Fore my eyes are darkened By … Continue reading White sands…by G. Mramor


Excerpt from “Eli” … by G. Mramor

Moonlight fades on the treeline and stars ride out on the waves blurry like candles on panes of rain. He asks so she puts him down and he cozies on her chest mumbling something about her boobs. Last lights strain out like threads into a million infinities and the moon is gone. Sunk in the night … Continue reading Excerpt from “Eli” … by G. Mramor

All of them…by G. Mramor

I am not the dream they made You hide because I am not the Father of your children nor the Ghost of a love they took from You and made something sick. You have not been running Because you have not been Searching. You do not even Tell it to yourself alone Because it doesn't … Continue reading All of them…by G. Mramor

Leave afterword…by G. Mramor

Leave afterword and don't speak my name. Say instead I was a good boy, a handsome boy. And then you'll say he was and you won't know how to say it anymore. Say he and sad see the boy in the velvet blue dress Danni put him in because you're so pretty. See the boy … Continue reading Leave afterword…by G. Mramor

Here there is no island dream…by G. Mramor

  Here there is no island dream. There is the water and the beast Who follows me beneath. Beast Colossus, the one who does not Sleep but lives beyond me. Disperse like the snowdrift clouds. Silent like the long worn face disenchant in the stars. Undying like the lie spoke before me.   Two holes … Continue reading Here there is no island dream…by G. Mramor

Speak me love…by G. Mramor

"Days of Heaven" (Film, Malick)

  Love no hero. Love the giant that ripples your blood. Love the fray that hammers the nerve.   Love the mouth that speaks your fever. Love the fracture in the bone. Love a broken axe.   Love the cross you do not carry. Love the day you make with sand. Love a white bird in the snow. … Continue reading Speak me love…by G. Mramor

Cast this air into the night…by G. Mramor

Old Man by Arif Bahtiar

  Cast this air into the night. Author these words for the wind. Dream the dying dream. Fore there is no war made with wind. There is only this.   Red knuckles biting with hoar. Thumbs dicking raw scabs. Pink hands peeling from the web. Fore the rose light soars this dreamflight. But no war … Continue reading Cast this air into the night…by G. Mramor