Kayla – Prose by P. Bain

Untitled by Kingsley Nwaeke

Phoebe Bain majored in English at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The natives of Madagascar believe that anyone born in November during the rainy season is doomed to a life of sorrow. Maybe that explains why your dad tried to kill himself two years ago, or why you keep the letters, … Continue reading Kayla – Prose by P. Bain


Prose by Joseph Edsall

Joseph Edsall is a middle school Language Arts teacher, web writer for NewRetroWave, and musician currently residing in Pennsylvania. His work has previously appeared in so glad is my heart and Kutztown University's Shoofly Literary Magazine. You're riding shotgun because Danny wanted to drive and control the radio and his steering wheel controls both. Mara is sitting … Continue reading Prose by Joseph Edsall

Kohlapuri Chappal Incident by S. Edwards

Sarah Edwards is a struggling writer deeply involved in experimentation with the English language and literature. Her work is forthcoming in Electric Cereal and Reality Hands. Kohlapuri Chappal Incident This is about the time when my mother sent me to buy Kohlapuri chappals[1] for her but it is not about the time that made it … Continue reading Kohlapuri Chappal Incident by S. Edwards

Carcinogen by L. Breen

As he watched her through the window, the man noted that she was not particularly beautiful. Yet he knew that if he could be anything in the world, he would be her cigarette. He would be her brand. She wouldn’t settle for anything less than him – his particular blends of tobacco and menthol, the … Continue reading Carcinogen by L. Breen

I am with you in Allston – by Phillipe Chatelain

i am with you in allston phillipe chatelain

i am with you in allston - poem by phillipe chatelain Phillipe Martin Chatelain is a hoodlum from the Bronx, New York. He writes poetry and is founder and Managing Editor of In Parentheses Literary Magazine. A recent graduate of Boston University, his first chapbook taking shots alone has been independently released and his poetry can … Continue reading I am with you in Allston – by Phillipe Chatelain