Kayla – Prose by P. Bain

Untitled by Kingsley Nwaeke

Phoebe Bain majored in English at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The natives of Madagascar believe that anyone born in November during the rainy season is doomed to a life of sorrow. Maybe that explains why your dad tried to kill himself two years ago, or why you keep the letters, … Continue reading Kayla – Prose by P. Bain

An Urban Landscape & other poems by S. Mesiti

Poems by Samuel Mesiti Author's Note: I have been a student of poetry for several years and also fortunate enough to both learn and participate in this creative process with Rich Murphy. Some of the writers I follow include A.R. Ammons, Charles Simic, Rita Dove and James Tate. I appreciate the opportunity to share my work … Continue reading An Urban Landscape & other poems by S. Mesiti